April 2017




Joanne Dehlin

Studio Owner / Instructor


Spring is in the air, which means the highly anticipated Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point is just around the corner (starts April 7). This gorgeous example of nature’s gifts is a big draw around here for obvious (and lovely!) reasons, but it’s actually the Daffodil Festival that holds my heart. Okay, maybe we don’t have a designated event for this happy springtime bloom, but our yoga studio is blessed to have a garden of daffodils growing right outside our window each spring. They’re my favorite flower for many reasons. They’re cheery and vibrant but also tough and resilient. They withstand the harshest environments in order to bloom and grow as they usher in spring. You know what? They remind me a lot of YOU! You stick with it, even when the going gets tough, and you do so with a smile on your face. It’s that positive energy and passion that makes Bikram Yoga the warm and friendly community it is—in the springtime and throughout the year!

A prime example of your positive, resilient nature is in the way you’ve embraced the changes to our schedule. Our new 75 minute classes have been a huge hit! Thank you for supporting this solution to the growth we’ve experienced. We’ll continue to make changes as needed to ensure everyone has opportunities to practice and thrive.

As our challenge nears its end, it’s yet another shining example of your character and commitment to your health and happiness. We’ve loved watching you stretch yourself and can’t wait to share a few special stories with you at the end of this month. Until then, we’re joining the rest of our Brick Canvas family in celebrating YOU with Guest Appreciation Month. You do so much to liven up our building. A month dedicated to celebrating that fact seems only fitting. But, truth be told, we adore you all year through. Yes, it’s nice having time dedicated to showering you with thanks through various promotions and heartfelt words, but please know we always have tremendous appreciation for the life you bring to our businesses. You’re strong. You’re resilient. You’re happy. You’re radiant. Like my beloved daffodils, you are sources of sunshine, and we love you for that!




Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas is thrilled to cheer on not one, but FIVE USA Yoga competitors this spring! These talented, driven, dedicated individuals have been training for months to be a part of this regional competition--with four of our five athletes attending for the first time! Training includes all of the physical practice, as well as mentally preparing to face the challenge of performing in front of others, which isn't easy. Their motivation has been about becoming the best versions of themselves. As Charese Peterson, the reigning state USA Yoga champ and a Bikram Yoga instructor, so wisely puts it, “USA Yoga is about connecting with fellow yogis as we work to become the best versions of ourselves. It’s not me against you. It’s about being in competition with your old self to become a higher version of you.” What a noble goal and purpose! We couldn’t be prouder of each of our competitors and all they’ve worked so hard for!

We might not be able to root for our friends in person as they travel to Chicago onMay 21 to compete, but there are ways we can follow them in their adventure. We will add videos of their competition routines to our website once the event has taken place, as well as video of the awards ceremony. It will be a fun way for you to get a firsthand look at what the competition is all about. You can also see glimpses of their journey through our Instagram account @bikramyogabrickcanvasand Charese’s Instagram account. For more info on the event and USA Yoga organization, you can check out their Instagram (@charmony_yogi) and Facebook accounts.


We’d like to thank you for being a part of our journey. Your generosity and financial contributions during the fundraiser class will make a great impact on our ability to make the trip to Chicago this May.  

Joanne, we also want to thank you for suggesting a fundraiser class in the first place. Your caring heart touches everyone who is lucky enough to walk through our Bikram Yoga doors. You’re always thinking of ways to make our lives better, and this is certainly one of those ways.

Thank you!

Advanced Yoga students, Starting in April, we will be making some changes to our Advanced class. It will now be called Advanced Yoga Training taught by Brandy Lyn. Class will be held on Wednesdays 1:30-3:30 PM AND once a month on Saturdays at 4:30-6:30 PM. Check our website schedule to know whichSaturday. Cost for advanced training is $10 per class to be paid directly to Brandy.

Due to the advanced nature of this class, late comers (more than 5 minutes) will not be permitted for the safety of the student. Please plan accordingly.

We are proud to offer FAT FUEL Coffee & Cocoa in our studio!

Extensive research has gone into developing this nutritional concept—a healthy, hot, and delicious beverage option. Scott, one of the owners, has been practicing yoga with us for years and is excited to offer free samples to our students on Saturday, April 22, before and after all morning classes. Come say hello, try the coffee or cocoa, and learn how its quality fats can complement your healthy lifestyle.