Ashley Bohne


The fourth time was the charm for Ashley Bohne, who recently finished her 30-day challenge after four attempts. "I had to do three triples on the last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday," she says, "and then finished with a double on Saturday. It was a lot of yoga, but I was going out of town the next week and I was just too close. I didn't want to have to start over one more time!" 

That was a lot of yoga, but Ashley doesn't mind--she loves yoga and is committed to always having it be part of her life. She's well on her way: she works at the front desk at Bikram Yoga at Thanksgiving Point, tries to practice at least three times a week, and plans to earn her teacher certification in the future. "Teaching means I'll be constantly improving, plus I'll be serving others and helping them realize that Bikram Yoga can improve their lives in ways they never even thought were possible," she explains. 

Ashley speaks from personal experience. She took a traditional yoga class as a freshman in high school and enjoyed it, but discovered Bikram Yoga as a sophomore and never looked back. "Bikram Yoga gives you the same mental and emotional benefits of regular yoga, but it's the only yoga that also gives you a kick-butt workout but in a way that doesn't damage your body," she says. "I love hiking and trail running, but hip and knee problems run in my family; that takes a huge toll on my joints. Thanks to my yoga practice, I can be fit for decades and hike and run because Bikram Yoga is healing my body while giving it a workout." 

In addition to working at the front desk, Ashley is attending school at Salt Lake Community College, earning her associate's degree, and working on prerequisite classes for a dental hygienist program. Yoga has been pivotal in her ability to identify what she wants out of life--and then work to make it happen. 

"I started Bikram Yoga during the hardest time of my life so far," she said, "and I learned through yoga to accept things that have happened in the past, accept who I am, and work to become who I want to be. You figure out pretty fast that if you can do this, you can do anything. I think that's why most people keep coming back; they are looking for something and they find it here. Whether it's physical, emotional, mental--or all three--Bikram Yoga gives you hope and confidence."