August 2016


Joanne Dehlin

Studio Owner / Instructor


I can’t believe our summer is almost over—it’s gone so fast! One of this summer’s highlights has been our Live it to Love It Challenge; I’ve enjoyed talking to many of you as you’ve shared your ah-ha moments with me about things you’ve learned and ways this challenge has changed your life.

We’re going to end this challenge with something different and fun—and hopefully a way to help you remember those insights. During the next few weeks, I invite you to come up with a few words or a short phrase that will serve as a reminder and inspiration for you moving forward. Examples may be “Scatter sunshine” or “Be strong & take heart”—whatever works for you that will help remind you to stay the course and continue with the changes you’ve made this summer. Then share that phrase with us at the front desk.

We have an artist who will be creating individual posters for each challenge participant, and when we celebrate the end of the challenge at our Friday Night Fiesta (September 9), you’ll receive your customized poster with your unique phrase. We’re going to take photos that night, both group and individual, that will also serve as wonderful reminders for those who have been part of this challenge. I can’t wait to celebrate with everyone!

So, be sure to share your phrase with us at the front desk! Another quick reminder for challenge participants: unlike previous challenges, we ordered our challenge T- shirts so they could be worn during the challenge. If you haven’t received your T- shirt yet, be sure to get it at the front desk and wear it when you come to class!

This summer has been our biggest, BEST summer yet at Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas—thanks to you! The addition of our Hot Pilates classes has provided another option for people who are looking for fun, rewarding, result-driven workouts. There’s just no other way to say it—Bikram Yoga and Hot Pilates are an awesome combination, and our guests are seeing amazing results! Keep it up! Fall is an ideal time to settle into a routine and make fitness and wellness a priority.

One last reminder—you can still sign up for our 26/2 interactive workshop on Saturday, August 13. This three-hour workshop includes an intense break down of Bikram Yoga’s 26 postures and 2 breaking exercises. You’ll see detailed demonstrations and experience hands-on instruction as our expert instructors, Brandy Lyn and Riji Suh, interact with each yogi and help each individual improve his or her own practice. And perhaps most exciting of all, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the experts!

Workshops like this come few and far between and offer an incredible opportunity to learn what it might normally take months to learn. If you’re interested at all in taking your practice to the next level, this is the best way to do that! Again, thank you for being part of our best summer yet! We’re already looking forward to our best fall ever too!