Each Bikram Yoga class is 60 or 90 minutes and includes the 26 Bikram poses. During a class, you will perform all 26 poses twice. By the end of the class, your body will have cleansed itself of many impurities and all of your organs will be massaged and functioning in peak condition. Bikram Yoga is done for general health and healing and has both emotional and physical benefits. By increasing the flow of endorphins, Bikram Yoga counters the effects of stress and creates a feeling of well-being.

This method of yoga is designed to work every joint, muscle, and tendon in your body, leaving you more limber and focused than before. It also can help you get fit quicker than many other types of exercise, thanks to the cleansing effects of the heat. Bikram Yoga is also known to be more than a physical exercise and is considered a healing modality, for both body and mind. People who regularly practice Bikram Yoga feel more vigorous and look younger and leaner than others their age.


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Our instructors say the "Namaste" at the end of class and the students will repeat it back to affirm and acknowledge the phrase as a mutual respect between both parties.  Namaste is an ancient sanskrit word that essentially means, "I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. A place of truth, light, love, and integrity.  When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me...together we are ONE.

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Although the yoga world seems to be dominated by women, Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas studio owner and manager Joanne Dehlin says the practice is perfect for men as well. "Yoga is ideal for men," explains Joanne. "It's physical yet healing. It's the same routine, so they can gauge their progress. It increases flexibility while building muscle and healing old injuries. I'm impressed with the variety of ages, fitness levels, and professions of men doing yoga at Brick Canvas. These are real men doing yoga on a regular basis and experiencing the benefits for themselves." continue reading...



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“A single session of Bikram Yoga works every single muscle, tendon, ligament, gland and joint in the human body”