David & Molly Dean


David Dean played sports his entire life--lettering in football, basketball, and baseball in high school, plus playing on the tennis team and running for track and field. He continued his involvement in sports for years. . . and his body paid the price. He's had two knee surgeries, two shoulder surgeries, and multiple other health problems; last year, his doctor told him that if he wanted to avoid a knee replacement surgery, he needed to stop participating in impact sports and weight workouts. "Why don't you try yoga?" the doctor suggested. 

A coworker told David about Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas, so David started going, dragging his wife Molly along, "kicking and screaming," she says. David loved it from the beginning; Molly was slower to respond. A wife, mother, and owner of a private preschool with more 50 students, Molly was way too busy--and tired--to add a regular workout to her schedule. Then she started losing weight and feeling better. "All together I lost 50 pounds, had more energy, and started missing the days we didn't go," she says. "It was 100 percent turnaround for me." 

Last November, the pair decided to try the 30-day challenge-at possibly the most hectic time imaginable. As an air traffic controller, David faced mandatory retirement at age 56; he retired the same day he and Molly completed their challenge. Molly was overseeing the school's annual Christmas program, busy doing holiday shopping and cooking, and planning the family's holiday calendar. "It was crazy," David says, "but we both committed to doing it, knowing that ultimately, everything would go better and we'd feel better if we did it." 

With the 30-day challenge completed, the Deans aren't planning on slowing down any time soon. They adore the Brick Canvas instructors, love the peace and serenity they enjoy at the studio, and have never felt better. 

"David competes in the Senior Games every year," Molly explains, "and this year was the first year he's run around the bases without getting hurt or injured. He does a yoga class every day, and I go at least three or four times a week. We've found something that makes a real difference in the way we feel and look. And the fact that we do it together has been a real blessing. We've never worked out together, but yoga has brought us closer. Bikram yoga will always be a part of our lives!"