December 2016

Joanne Dehlin
Studio Owner / Instructor

We Believe in Ice Machine Angels
You’ve heard of snow angels, but what about the Ice Machine Angel? It’s true! He does exist! As a matter of fact, he’s a member of our studio! 

Meet Howard. He recently revealed his secret halo and wings, coming to our rescue in an extra cool fashion. You see, our ice machine was on the fritz. Okay, this might not seem like a huge deal to the average observer, but our students can back me when I tell you it really was a tragedy. What can I say? We LOVE our yoga hot and our drinks ice cold! So when this vital member of our community fell ill, we were all concerned. So concerned, in fact, that you, our members, graciously started offering up donations to help us make the costly repairs required!

Af first, the prognosis seemed manageable. We were looking at a relatively simple knee replacement… well, the ice-machine equivalent. Alas, that procedure didn’t end up being enough. Our beloved ice machine was gravely ill and needed a brain transplant to pull through. A very costly motherboard was the only cure. Even with your tremendous donations, we were looking at a shocking medical bill for this repair. I wasn’t sure what the future held for our mechanical friend…
It was at this moment the clouds parted and Heaven let its light shine down. Our Ice Machine Angel had arrived!
“Joanne, do you need a motherboard for your ice machine?” Howard asked. “It just so happens, I have one from a similar machine, and I’m happy to put it in your machine for you.”
The very next day, Howard met with our building manager and set to work replacing the motherboard. Since then, the machine has worked like a charm, largely in part to our resident Ice Machine Angel, who now keeps a watchful eye on it and gives it check-ups as needed. Talk about a blessing!

The gift of a motherboard from our Ice Machine Angel.

I share this story in a lighthearted manner, but it truly does melt my heart (pun intended!).

You see, it came as an important reminder for me…

The holidays are about giving, but it’s also okay to receive.
This lesson isn’t always an easy one, but it’s vital. Life truly is a give and take. In this instance, you came together and gave in a big way, helping our small business. Your overwhelming outpouring of generosity to create a repair fund and Howard’s talents and tremendous gift allowed us to keep our studio running smoothly. Talk about a gift! Thank you. From my heart.

On another heartwarming note, I was overcome by your contributions to our Thanksgiving blanket drive. Together, we collected a carload of blankets and coats to give to families in need. Brandy and her boys helped deliver the donations. This shot of her young son in the process of handing a blanket to a grateful gentleman is an image that will forever stick with me. It’s a powerful message that together we can do so much to make lives better.  
Our young volunteers, delivering blankets on Thanksgiving day, and learning early in life that great joy comes from helping others.

From Ice Machine Angels to you, our angelic community, Bikram Yoga is so very blessed. The giving and receiving this season have left significant imprints on my heart that I will cherish always. Thank you for starting my holidays off on a shining note. I wish you and yours a joyous season. May your days be merry, your hearts be light, and your drinks be ice cold!