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As the year comes to a close, it’s a natural time to reflect—to celebrate successes and recognize how we can do even more to improve and grow. First,however, I want to give you a heads-up that our membership and class-package pricing is increasing slightly after the first of the year. If you want this year's pricing, purchase beforeDecember 31st. Now, let’s take a minute to reflect on an amazing year and the incredible things to come!

We know our studio is outstanding, but we should take great pride in the fact that we’re coming away from hosting a worldwide yoga training recognized as one of the finest studios in the world! So much of what makes us amazing is the feeling of unity and support we create together.

Well into our fifth year, it’s time to think about the word “more.” More growth.More success. More to celebrate. More opportunity for you. A natural way to do this? More classes! Classes that complement the safe, fun, efficient, therapeutic, welcoming environment we’ve built together. Of course, to do this means more space. Good news! We have just that!

We’re opening a second studio space on the lower level of Brick Canvas. To complement our hot room, this will be our cool room. Here, you’ll find the hottest in group fitness, including:

• Cool Barre—Pilates, dance, yoga, and training, set to music
• Cool Piloxing—Pilates meets kick boxing
• Cool Step—A fresh take on a classic
• Cool Pound—The rhythm is gonna get you
• Cool TRX—Strength through suspension training
• Cool Yoga—The Bikram series in a non-heated environment
• Cool High Fitness—Classic cardio and toning

Don’t worry. Bikram Yoga and Hot Pilates aren’t going anywhere. These cool classes will simply enhance what we already do so well in the hot room. Plus, they’re a great opportunity for those who can’t stand the heat to get back in the kitchen, so to speak.

Bikram Yoga will always be our foundation. But as we’ve already experienced with the addition of Hot Pilates, we believe in overall wellness and incorporating techniques that enhance our yoga practice. In response, we’ll now be known as Brick Canvas Fitness. During our trial period, January 15th through the end of February, you're invited to try our new cool offerings with a different class each morning. Why not? Your support system and community are here. You know how you feel as soon as you walk in the studio. The cool room will be no different. This is us, after all. No judgement, only encouragement. Sherrie will lead the way. With more than 30 years of group fitness experience, we’re in excellent hands. She knows us and loves us and wants us to grow and succeed together.

Pssst... More fun is headed your way January 15th. To celebrate being more for you, we’re launching a playful and motivational new challenge that day. More details to come soon.

As always, you know you can come to any of us with questions. After all, more face time with you is the greatest more of them all.