For 5 years, Eric Schanz struggled with anxiety attacks, accompanied by rapid breathing. At one point, his sister told him he should try yoga, and then a girlfriend encouraged him to attend a class as well. "From the first time I walked into class, I knew this was something way bigger than me," he says. "I recognized that yoga combined the spiritual, mental, and physical into one, and I identified with that immediately."

Through yoga practice, Eric learned to control his breathing and anxiety, and ultimately learned to live in the present moment. "I watched the transformation that took place in my life, then watched others experience the same thing-learning to love themselves-and decided that's what I wanted to do with my life." Eric went to teacher training in spring 2012 and moved to Salt Lake City a short time later to be closer to his family and skiing! "Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas is an awesome studio, and it's been an amazing opportunity to be part of this new facility and see students' lives change the way mine has. I love that as a teacher, I'm still learning new things and have an opportunity to share those things with others."