Heidi Perdue first heard about Pilates from her ballet teacher 15 years ago. "I loved it," she recalls. "Being only 5'2", anything that helped me feel long and lean was amazing!" Since then, Heidi regularly practiced Pilates, continued to dance (she been teaching ballet classes for 16 years), started running (she's done half marathons, full marathons, and triathlons), and added Bikram Yoga to her workout regimen. "I remember when my older sister described Bikram Yoga to me, I had chills," she recalls. "It was like the cells in my body knew they should be there." A move to Saratoga Springs and having five children made it challenging to attend classes, soHeidi set up heaters in her basement studio, and she and her friends worked out there. "We could get my basement pretty stinky, and we had a blast!" When Brick Canvas opened, "it was a dream come true," Heidi observes. "Bikram Yoga has changed my life mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually." Add Hot Pilates to the mix, and Heidi is in heaven. "Hot Pilates has such long fluid movements, working right from your core, it just feels right to me. All while getting the benefits from the heat makes my joints so happy and youthful. And the cardio (Tabata) section in the middle is a brutal, delicious treat! I'm addicted!"