Hot Pilates

is an upbeat, energetic, 45-minute mat class that sculpts and tones your entire body, strengthens your core, and improves your cardiovascular system.

Whether you choose it as a stand-alone workout or a complement to your regular yoga practice, you’ll love it!

Benefits of Hot Pilates at Brick Canvas

  • Heat speeds up your heart rate, intensifies the workout, detoxification, and makes it more challenging while protecting or guarding you form injuries. 
  • Your Brick Canvas Fitness membership includes all classes offered at Brick Canvas. 

let's get started! 



What's Hot about Hot Pilates?

Developed by Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness. Those who regularly practice Pilates report becoming stronger, leaner, and more flexible. They also often lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, and they simply feel better.

Sound familiar? These benefits are similar to those yogis enjoy from regular practice--with a few important differences.

"I've always felt like Bikram Yoga provided everything I needed," observes Joanne, "but when I honestly looked at it, I had to admit there may have been a few gaps. A little extra weight resistance, and more intense cardiovascular and upper body strength training, might be a beneficial addition to regular Bikram Yoga practice.

"So we searched high and low for options that could complement and complete our students' fitness goals," continues Joanne, who first heard about Hot Pilates several months ago. She carefully researched this cutting-edge fitness option, even traveling to Las Vegas for a weekend full of Hot Pilates. "I took four classes in 30 hours and about killed myself," she recalls, "but I came back convinced that this was a perfect fit for our studio."

Joanne is committed to offering a Hot Pilates program that honors everything that Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas stands for. "We've created a serene, quiet atmosphere here," she observes. "This is safe place for our yogis to come. While we liked the idea of providing another fitness choice, we knew we had to maintain what we'd worked so hard to create."

Before officially announcing the Hot Pilates program, Joanne held test classes. Led by studio manager Sherrie Pacheco, who had attended a four-day training and earned her Hot Pilates certification, the classes helped define key components of the new program, including music and temperature settings. (The studio will be heated at 100 to 105 degrees at 40 percent humidity.)

"Our Bikram Yoga family knows Sherrie," Joanne notes, "but they may not realize how passionate she is about physical training and group fitness. She's had extensive experience with a wide range of students, and she completely understands our philosophy here at Brick Canvas; she's helped create it. As the director, she will be an incredible benefit to our students."

"I'm thrilled that we're offering Hot Pilates," says Joanne. "We've found something that does tremendous things for the body, something that tones and sculpts the muscles and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Plus it allows us to make the most of our amazing hot room and complements what we already offer. With Hot Pilates, our Bikram Yoga family can find everything they're looking for under one roof."