January 2017



Joanne Dehlin  

Studio Owner / Instructor


As those New Year’s fireworks were bursting overhead, I felt my own spark of excitement. An epiphany, if you will. New Year’s is my favorite holiday!

There’s something VERY special about the fresh feeling a new year brings. Especially in our studio. It’s an opportunity to reflect, regroup, and refocus. An opportunity I find both empowering and invigorating. You know what else? It’s contagious! It’s almost like our own internal fireworks are going off—we’re bursting with newfound energy and a desire to get stronger and grow together. I felt this walking into the studio for the first time in 2017, and it felt great!

Of course, even the brightest of flames dim over time, which brings me to our next studio-wide challenge. It launches towards the end of this month. You know, when our momentum naturally starts to fizzle and we can use a little extra help from our friends? Well, that’s just what our next challenge will be—a friendly boost to keep you going and growing.

Introducing… the Stretch Yourself Challenge!

From Jan. 23 through the end of April, you’ll be asked to step outside your fitness comfort zone. It’s time to stretch yourself to do something beyond what you’re used to doing. Do you typically come to our 60-minute classes? Time to step it up and mix in a 90-minute workout. Are you a yogi through and through? Go ahead and attend a Hot Pilates class. This challenge is designed to support the more aggressive fitness goals we set for ourselves this time of year. Together, we’ll take those routines up a notch and keep that new-year momentum alive!

More specifics to come soon. In the meantime, be thinking about ways to mix up your routine. I’ve had time to think about my own response. My goal: attend two Hot Pilates classes and two-three Bikram Yoga classes a week. I know this is an aggressive plan, but my goal is to become stronger, and this will help me do just that. Actually, if you want to know the truth, my goal is to become 20% as strong as Nancy. If you know Nancy, our amazing Hot Pilates instructor, you know this is ambitious to say the least. But I’ll have you by my side. Together, we can do this. Together, we’ll succeed by testing ourselves and rising up to meet new challenges. I’m so excited to make this happen with you soon. Keep an eye on your email for more specifics to come.

Happy New Year, dear friends! Thank you for making our studio sparkle with your fresh glow and incredible enthusiasm!



P.S. The results are in! Thanks to all who participated in our Guest Pass Contest. We had a blast celebrating the pass and loved meeting your friends! Please find the winners of our fun below:

1st Place: Brittney Peterson, with a whopping nine guests. WTG, Brittney!

2nd Place: We had a five-way tie. A big high-five to the following, who each brought five guests with them:

• Mari Casas

• Cynthia Dean

• Liz Dixon

• Steve Pinegar

• Morgan Smith 

Congratulations! We have all of your prizes ready and waiting for you at the studio. Come see us soon.



• Introducing the Healthy Habits challenge. 

• 125+ students committed to making a healthy change.

• We look at why yoga is an awesome workout for men. 

• Nyberg Family—100% dedication, Slow and Steady Challenge

• Our popular Bikram Yoga 60 Minute Fast Class is born! 



• We meet the Nybergs—a sweet family of five dedicated to doing yoga together. 

• Month one of the Healthy Habits challenge is complete. High fives all around!

• Our own student, Mac Milner, presents the informative Everyday Wellness class.




• Announces HOT PILATES coming to the hot room! Read "What's HOT about Hot Pilates".

• Introductory week with Maire Acain.

• We welcome guest teacher Lacey Ann Hardy.

• Hello to our new Hot Pilates instructors. What a remarkable bunch!

• Together, we raise funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.




• We celebrate the conclusion of our Healthy Habits challenge. WTG, all!

•  Hot Pilates officially launches with 11 classes each week!

• Our very own Robyn Lenker completes her 30 Day challenge!

• We celebrate Lelani Parker with a 6AM “happy birthday” tune. (kiss kiss)



• Joanne shares words of wisdom. “A great attitude becomes a great mood, which becomes a great day, which becomes a great year, which becomes a great life.” Indeed!

• A friendly reminder—it’s more about being healthy than it is about being skinny.

• A May hooray! Hot Pilates just $5 Hot Pilates for the ENTIRE MONTH.






• The Live It to Love It challenge begins.

• Our summer special for students is extended to teachers. We ♥ teachers!

• Introducing FOURSOME membership! What a treat!

• A lesson on faking it until we make it, inspired by Amy Cuddy.

• Nikki Lux completes her 60 Day challenge! Special love to Nikki, who ALWAYS offers an extra hand cleaning the hot room and handing out cold towels after Hot Pilates.

• What a treat! Lacey Ann Hardy joins us in the hot room.



• We were overjoyed to spotlight our own superstar, Brandy Lyn.

• A look at geography. “Where in the world have you practiced Bikram Yoga?”





• “Scatter sunshine” and “Be strong & take heart”—just a few of the words used to describe our Live It to Love It challenge.

• Interactive 26/2 workshop, featuring Brandy Lyn and Riji Suh.

• Time for hot summer deals! 2 Buck Tuesdays with Thanksgiving Point means all classes were only $2.



• Live It to Love It challenge concludes. Time for our annual Friday Night Fiesta.

• Casey Lou Miller, Joanne’s talented niece, shares her art with a new painting for our lobby.

• Being fake is a good thing? You bet it is, and we learn why that is.

• Happy 4 Year Anniversary!

• We get to know more about our fellow students—meet Charlie, Greg, and Jody!





• Time for our first-ever fall challenge—Practice Gratitude.

• An important reminder: “It’s not happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people who are happy.”

• We reach a milestone—six months of Hot Pilates. Let’s look at the results!

• We welcome fall with a five… $5 Friday classes, that is.



• We look at the PEAR approach

P: Positivity, E: Encouragement, A: Approachability, R: Retention

• Joanne offers a friendly reminder about studio/hot room etiquette.

• Jeanine Cooper shares a look forward with faith. • Together, we give the gift of warmth to families in need with our first holiday blanket drive.




• The Ice Machine Angel makes miracles happen.

• Bring on those buddies, it’s time for our Guest Pass Contest.

• Craig Villani joins us for an all-levels master class. 

• Completed our Practice Gratitude Challenge, December 31.  


What a year! Thanks for the memories.

We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.