A decade ago, Joanne Dehlin attended her first yoga class; her life hasn’t been the same since. On a personal level, Joanne has never felt so good! “Everything about my health and fitness has improved,” she says. “And the benefits aren’t just physical.

Mentally, emotionally, spiritally. . . my life has improved dramatically on all levels.”

Including professionally. After practicing Bikram Yoga for several years, Joanne set a goal to open her own studio. “I was a dental hygienist at the time, and I loved doing that,” Joanne explains. “I still work as a hygienist even today. But I had such a passion for Bikram; I wanted to share it with everyone! I knew it would take some time and that I would have to work hard to make it happen, but I put it out in the universe—I wanted to have my own Bikram Yoga studio by the time I turned 50.”

Joanne had almost 10 years to turn her dream into a reality; it took less than five.

Within a couple of years of setting her goal, Joanne met Shelli Gardner, a fellow yogi who wanted to share her passion for practicing Bikram Yoga with as many people as possible. Shelli and her husband, Sterling, offered to provide the initial investment for the studio if Joanne would handle the rest. “Who would say no to that?” Joanne recalls, laughing. 

For the past two and a half years, Joanne has poured her heart and soul into Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas, creating a Bikram Yoga studio—and community—unlike any other. The studio itself, of course, is stunning. “Most studios are in strip malls or similar settings,” Joanne observes. “Shelli’s vision was bigger; you can’t find a more beautiful location than Thanksgiving Point. We’ve had guest teachers and students come from all over the world who talk about how amazing this studio
is—incredible, warm and welcoming, with the most up-to- date equipment and technology.”

And while the setting is certainly important, Joanne is even more proud of the
Bikram Yoga community found inside those studio walls. “I finish every class I teach by sharing the definition of Namaste. It basically means, ‘The divine in me honors the divine in you.’ I want everyone who enters our studio to feel honored, respected, and loved. I’m passionate about that. It’s been an honor and a privilege to create a place were people can experience that.”