Joanne Dehlin

Studio Owner / Instructor

I’m excited to shine the Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas spotlight on our own Brandy Lyn. Brandy has been quietly practicing here since we opened, and six months ago, she joined us as an instructor. But she’s been in the Bikram Yoga world much longer.

I first met Brandy shortly after she’d attended her first teacher training in 2006. She taught a class at the studio where I was practicing, and I recognized immediately that she was special. She paid great attention to detail, her technique was strong, and she was dedicated to and patient with her students.

I’ve kept in touch with her as she’s taught around the world, won national and international yoga championships, and served as a worldwide yoga ambassador. She settled in Utah a few years ago, and when we opened up Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas, I invited her to teach here. But, in true Brandy fashion, she was completely dedicated to her main focus in life—motherhood.

Brandy has two young sons, and she’s devoted the past few years to them. However, she recently reached a point where she could balance her commitment to her boys with a return to teaching Bikram Yoga, and she chose to shine at Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas. If you’ve practiced at one of Brandy’s classes, you know exactly how lucky we are to have her. And if you haven’t, next month you’ll have an exciting opportunity to find out!

On Saturday, August 13, we are hosting an incredible Interactive 26/2 workshop taught by Brandy and one of her best Bikram Yoga friends, Riji Suh. This three-hour workshop includes an intense breakdown of Bikram Yoga’s 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. You’ll see detailed demonstrations and experience hands-on instruction as Brandy and Riji interact with each yogi and help each individual improve his or her own practice. And perhaps most exciting of all, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the experts!

Of course, there’s a limited number of spots, and we’re offering those spots to Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas members first; the minute we open it up to area studios, any remaining spots will disappear. So be sure to sign up by July 31 if you want to attend. Check out the workshop information below, and sign up at the studio or call 801.407.8640.

As you enter the studio this month, you’ll probably notice the maps up on the wall. In honor of Brandy’s experience as a national and international yoga ambassador, we’ve decided to invite everyone to share “Where in the world have you practiced Bikram Yoga?”

In Brandy’s case, the question is “Where in the world have you taught Bikram Yoga?”, and the list is impressive! (see the list below).

Brandy’s not our only instructor with teaching experience outside of Brick Canvas. Most of our instructors have taught in other studios, and like Brandy, Louis has impressive international teaching experience too.

Personally, I’ve only practiced in one country outside of the United States—Canada—but I’ve practiced in more than 45 cities inside the U.S. Check out where both Brandy and I have been on the maps in the studio, and then grab a pin and add your name to the places you’ve been. I love that we can find a Bikram Yoga studio and people who we share a common interest with just about everywhere in the world!

I’m thrilled with those who are participating in the Live It to Love It Challenge—keep it up! Our T-shirts and tank tops will be in this week, and we look forward to seeing everyone wear them around the studio. Finally remember that we’ll be celebrating everyone's accomplishments at our Friday Night Fiesta on September 9!



Brandy Lyn Instructor

At her first national yoga competition, Brandy fell out of a posture and didn’t even place. Devastated, she announced to everyone who would listen—including yoga founder Bikram Choudhury himself—that the next year she was going to win. “Most competitors take a break after the competition,” she says, “but I started training the next day.”

It’s that kind of commitment and determination that sets Brandy apart, even in a world where dedication is the norm. A yogi for more than 15 years, Brandy attended her first class when her mother told her about the unique form of yoga and encouraged her to give it a try. “Like most people, I was miserable the first few classes, then I sort of fell in love,” she recalls. “I grew up as a dancer, so the discipline and flexibility came natural to me, but I had to work on the strength and endurance.”

Brandy attended her first classes in Arizona, and then moved back to Utah (she’d graduated from high school here), where she kept up her practice. In 2006, she attended teacher training, determined to learn everything she could. “Teaching has always been close to my heart,” she says, “and in the early years, I sought out as much information as possible, and I sought it from the masters.” She worked closely with Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram Yoga; his wife, Rajashree; and principal teacher Emmy Cleaves.

“I placed myself in a position to learn everything I could, both in my own practice as well as how to teach,” Brandy explains. “I think that’s how you learn as a teacher—find people who are doing it well and doing it the way you want to do it, then put yourself in front of them and ask lots of questions. I’ve always been that way.”

Her passion and commitment paid off. After graduating from teacher training, she taught in South Korea, then returned to the United States, teaching in Salt Lake and Vegas. Ultimately, she ended up working directly with Bikram, first on staff and then managing his school in India.

When she won the national and international yoga championships, she ended up traveling the world. “I taught and demonstrated and spread the yoga word,” she explains. “That’s both your gift and duty as a champion—you get to tell everyone about yoga.”

After her whirlwind experience as champion, Brandy settled down, first in Seattle and then back in Utah. Her focus is now on being the best mommy she can be to her three-year-old and one-year-old sons—but she’s thrilled to be back teaching too.

“I always knew I’d start teaching again,” she notes, “and the only place I wanted to teach was with Joanne. I’ve been in close to 100 studios, and I can almost always pick out the studio owner within a few minutes because the atmosphere of the studio takes on the personality of the owner. Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas is a perfect reflection of Joanne; she keeps it clean, honest, warm, and friendly. I wouldn’t teach for anyone else.”

Brandy is looking forward to the August 13 interactive workshop because of the unique opportunity it provides for her to work more closely than usual with her students. “It’s an amazing chance to gain a deeper knowledge of the postures, to see the difference between correct and incorrect postures, and to ask questions,” says Brandy, who is especially excited about doing this class with Riji Suh, who she first met at teacher training 10 years ago.

“She’s a great teacher, and I’m excited to have an extra pair of hands and eyes,” she says. “I’ve done countless workshops like this, but never with another teacher in this format, so it’s going to be amazing.”