June 2016

Live It to Love It—All Summer Long!

Happy Summer!

We’ve finally made it—and we’re anticipating this summer will be the best one we’ve ever had at Brick Canvas!

We have all kinds of fun things going on in the next few weeks. To start with, we wanted to continue the incredible momentum we created with our Healthy Habits Challenge so—for the first time ever—we’re having a summer challenge.

The Live It to Love It Challenge might sound a little strange, but let me explain. I’m currently reading a book, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges, by Ann Cuddy, which was recommended by Liz Dixon, one of our own Brick Canvas yogis. Liz teaches MBA students at BYU, and this semester, she has made this book required reading.

So why is this book so powerful? Of course, the book contains lots of lesson to be learned, but the one that I have been thinking a lot about lately is that all of us feel
like imposters at times because we simply aren’t perfect. BUT, when we practice who we want to be, we become who we want to be.

It’s kind of like a “fake it until you make it” mentality.

That’s what this challenge is about—living it until we’re loving it. It doesn’t matter whether “it” is Bikram Yoga or Hot Pilates or a combination of both, when you commit to living consistent workouts, you will begin loving consistent workouts! I know it will happen; I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

The challenge is simple: attend at least two classes (Bikram Yoga or Hot Pilates) a week through September 9. And guess what? We know summer can be busy, so you can even take two weeks off any time during the summer for “vacation”. It only costs $20 to participate, and you’ll receive a free tank top or T shirt, stickers on your chart, and tons of support and motivation! So sign up now at the studio!

The challenge ends on September 9 with our annual Friday Night Fiesta event,
complete with taco truck, music, and fun for the whole family. Scheduled the first Friday after Labor Day, it’s the perfect way to end the challenge—and the summer!

If you’re not a Bikram Yoga member yet, now is the perfect time to think about
becoming one. We’ve got a fantastic special for you and three friends to join at the
lowest price we’ve ever offered. If a membership doesn’t fit your needs, then check out our other two summer specials.

That’s not all! We’ve got guest teachers coming later this month, so watch for more information about these great opportunities to experience Bikram Yoga or Hot Pilates with different instructors and a slightly different perspective.

I am a firm believer that everything you do during the summer—golfing, swimming,
hiking, camping, fishing, boating, biking. . . whatever!—is more enjoyable when
you’re feeling fit. Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas and our Live It to Love It Challenge
makes it fun and rewarding to be fit!

Live It to Love It—All Summer Long!