Bikram Yoga West Palm Beach host for RYA teacher training Spring 2017

Bikram Yoga West Palm Beach host for RYA teacher training Spring 2017

JUNE/JULY 2017 Newsletter

Are you ready to welcome the world? Our Bikram Yoga studio is about to play host to instructors and perspective instructors from around the globe. The Raja Yoga Academy(RYA) will call Brick Canvas home from Sept. 16 to Oct. 28, 2017, where they’re hosting the next Level 1 Core 26 Teacher Training.


Sherrie and I have just returned from RYA in Florida. I can’t begin to describe how impressed we were by this 26 & 2 teacher training program. (26 & 2 is the generic definition for what we refer to as the Bikram Yoga sequence—26 postures, two breathing exercises.) Just like the community we have here, it was a safe, open, trusting, and supportive environment. Precision, compassion, and treating people like human beings was at the heart of this educational experience, which is how it should be. It’s definitely the wonderful atmosphere we have here, so it’s no wonder we felt so at home. Now we get to connect this treasured experience with you, our brilliant family, which is such a treat! But what does it all mean for you exactly? Well…


…It Means World-class Training in Your Backyard

If training to be a certified Bikram Yoga instructor with complete understanding of the 26 & 2 philosophy is on your bucket list, now’s your chance. You’ll never get a better opportunity than this. You’ll train in one of the healthiest hot rooms in the world in terms of oxygen and air exchange, and it also happens to be filled with natural light and plenty of space. The best part?! The training is coming to you. No expensive travel or time spent away from your family. We’re bringing the best right here to Utah. When I say the best, I mean the best! They even have one-on-one voice coaching as part of the program, to help you find your ideal tone and enthusiasm for instructing a class full of yoga students one day. Isn’t that cool? Plus, as students, you’ll gain a richer understanding of the full Bikram Yoga impact. It’s so healing physically, mentally, and emotionally. This will convey, in a way you haven’t experienced before, that the 26 & 2 hot yoga sequence is a truly therapeutic one.


Here’s a note taken from the RYA website that sums the experience up beautifully:

Our holistic approach to education and leadership will empower you to achieve unparalleled advancement in the field of modern yoga, both on and off the mat. Whether you aspire to teach or simply desire to evolve your practice, we are confident that you will be transformed by your experience.


Students will be flying in from around the globe and staying at the Home 2 by Hilton (by the Starbucks)—a five minute walk from the studio. If you live locally and want to register as a trainee, you can stay home or stay on site with the group. I will say, having experienced Bikram Yoga training, that this level of instruction means you’re all in. You study like crazy, you memorize and pass off postures… it’s a lot of work! So staying on site isn’t a bad idea. Either way, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time as you experience a tremendous and positive transformation. You can read more about lodging on the RYA website. While there, you’ll also want to read up on early bird pricing. It can save you a bunch of money if you sign up between now and June 30.

Aside from time in the hot room, the rest of the day will be spent in lectures and labs and offsite training.


…It Means World-class Yoga Opportunities for All Bikram Yoga Students

How tremendous to integrate this training and these classes right in our own studio! You’ll gain a newfound appreciation for all that goes into becoming a 26 & 2 yoga instructor and the love instructors have for you and practice of Bikram Yoga. More than that, you’ll have the opportunity to practice alongside some of the world’s best instructors at no added expense to you. From Sept. 18 to Oct. 28, nine classes each week will be taught by RYA staff and guest teachers. You’ll definitely want to mark your calendar to be a part of it all. Some of the most beloved teachers in the world will be right here in our studio, sharing their passion with you! Don’t worry. They’re not here to take over. Those signed up for the training will be be here to blend in and learn, while their instructors and staff will be here to give back to the Bikram Yoga community, including you, their hosts. It’s a remarkable shared experience that all will benefit from.


Of course, we recognize that a change to the routine isn’t for everyone, and we absolutely respect that. While minor adjustments will be made to our class schedule during this time, we will continue to offer all of our regular Bikram Yoga and Hot Pilates classes to you. Being a part of this special event is completely optional. Our guests can’t wait to meet you and practice alongside you if you’re interested. If not, that’s okay. This is still your home and place to find joy in the hot room. So you can plan accordingly either way, we’ve outlined the slight class adjustments you can expect below:

• All 8:00 AM classes will start at 7:45 AM

• All 9:15 classes will start at 9:00 AM 

• All 5:30 PM classes will start at 5:00 PM

NOTE: To make sure you get the most out of this awesome experience, classes will start right on time.


…It Means More Friends at our Fiesta

To welcome our global guests in true Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas fashion, we’re moving our annual Friday Night Fiesta to Saturday, Sept. 16 this year. It’s the day the RYA training kicks off and seems the perfect opportunity to show our guests the fun, warm, loving group we are as we get to know them better and enjoy some tasty tacos!


…It Means You Can Choose Your Involvement

We’re to host a worldwide event! Wow! I cannot endorse this training any more highly. It’s the kind of loving, supportive atmosphere I had hoped to find when I embarked on my own Bikram Yoga teacher training years ago. To see it in action right here in our hot room is a dream. I can’t wait for you to get this experience for yourself, however you choose to do so. Of course, choice is what I want to emphasize here. Embrace this experience or avoid it. You choose, and there’s no right or wrong answer. All I ask is that you have an open mind regarding what’s ahead. This is your front row seat to world class training and instructors, should you choose to take it. I assure you that if you do participate on any level, you’ll leave with a changed perspective.


The energy of an event like this is palpable. Whether you choose to practice alongside our guests or stick to our traditional classes, I hope you’ll take time to get to know these students and instructors. The opportunity for connection is huge and will provide you an outstanding chance to learn more about the therapy of the yoga. The entire staff is very involved and passionate about 26 & 2 hot yoga. Being able to give back to our community both in the studio and in off-site lectures and clinics drives them. The love that propels them reminds me so much of you. Bringing such like minded groups together fills my heart with joy. I can’t wait for that union soon. In the meantime, you know you can come to me or any of our team with any questions you might have. We’ll do all we can to keep you informed between now and this event to ensure it’s a smooth and remarkable experience for all.