Lisa Brown


Be careful when a friend dares you to do something--it could change your life! At least that's what happened when Lisa Brown's friend dared her to try Bikram Yoga. Already a fan of traditional yoga, Lisa wasn't too hot (pun intended) on Bikram Yoga. "I had been practicing yoga for years and even teaching it," she explains. "I thought that doing the same 26 postures was lame. My friend told me, 'You'll love it!' I told her I didn't think I'd like it all. I was so wrong!"


Lisa loves a physical challenge (she's an avid rock climber, has run marathons, and is a canyoneer), and when she went to her first Bikram Yoga class, she was definitely challenged. "I was

in pretty good shape," she says, "but I have to admit--it was hard. So I went back . . . and I kept going back. Now I can't imagine my life without it." 

Lisa is busy--she's a wife, the mother of five (ages 11 to 21), a yoga teacher and registered nurse. . . she definitely has a full calendar. But she makes time for Bikram Yoga. "At this point, I've been doing the practice for so long that most of the time it's a moving meditation for me," she says. "While it's still physically demanding, it's also relaxing. My body has the muscle memory, and I also enjoy the detox benefits. I always feel good when I walk out of the studio." 

Lisa also appreciates the effort Joanne and her staff make to keep students engaged and committed. "I've done all the challenges," she says. "I've completed the 30-day and 60-day, and I'm in the middle of the slow and steady challenge. But even without those, I'd still be going two or three times a week. 

"You don't quit something just because it's hard," Lisa continues. "And building that trust relationship with your body is so important. The more we do that, the more we can live healthy and happy in our own body, and our quality of life is increased. Besides my family, yoga is my life. It's what I'm here for."