Injured in a car accident, Louis was told he would need several surgeries. One doctor suggested he learn yoga, which would help him recover from the surgeries. “Instead, I ended up never needing surgery,” Louis explains.

Louis knew within a few months that he wanted to teach, and although it took several years to reach that goal, it was well worth the time and effort. He attended Bikram Yoga teacher training several times, eventually even working on staff. He’s worked at nine different yoga studios and is always looking for continued education opportunities. At Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas, Louis coaches other instructors as well teaching.

“Bikram Yoga is a safe, low-impact way to achieve physical fitness,” says Louis. “The postures were chosen because almost everyone can do them to some degree. The student is focused inward, on personal progress; there’s no ball, no finish line, no goal. . . only mental concentration and focusing on you. My goal is to give people tools that they can use at their individual level of ability and experience, not to show people how to build a skyscraper when they’re still learning to frame a single-family house.