March 2016

Joanne Dehlin

Studio Owner / Instructor

This March is particularly exciting for us at Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas--we are thrilled to be announcing an addition to our hot room fitness choices.

From the very beginning, we have recognized the tremendous asset we have in our state-of-the-art hot room. Few studios have such an amazing place to practice, and while it was built specifically to accommodate Bikram Yoga, we have looked for other ways to use our awesome hot room to help you meet your fitness goals.

Heat is a phenomenal part of Bikram Yoga. It does tremendous things for our bodies--it makes us sweat, increases our heart rate, gets blood flowing, makes our joints feel better, and helps us detoxify. When we heard about a cutting-edge Hot Pilates program taking off in a few studios in California and Las Vegas, we went to investigate--and found exactly what we were looking for: a high-intensity, low-impact workout that makes the most of our hot room and provides the perfect complement to Bikram Yoga. (Read more about the benefits of Hot Pilates below.)

From the moment we started thinking about adding Hot Pilates to our studio, we established a couple of priorities. We wanted this to be a fun additional benefit to our students with no additional cost. We were also committed to leaving the existing Bikram Yoga class schedule alone; we will not be changing our current yoga schedule at all. We have plenty of open times in our daily schedule that will work for these new Hot Pilates classes.

This month will be a time of introduction and experimentation, a month where we'll be learning and asking for your feedback. We want to discover the schedule that works best for you, your availability, and your fitness level and goals. By next month--April 11, right after we celebrate the end of our Healthy Habits Challenge--we'll be announcing a more permanent class schedule, although we are always listening to you and updating all of our classes to better meet your needs.

Now, this month is not all about Hot Pilates. We're in the middle of our Healthy Habits Challenge, and I am more excited every day as I see the changes this challenge is making in your lives--and mine. I'm doing it right along with you and am so happy with the things I'm seeing. I hope you're benefitting from it as much as I am!

As always, I like to mention the great monthly membership offer you can enjoy at Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas--only $69.99 a month for all the Bikram Yoga (and now also Hot Pilates) classes you want!

So join us during this memorable month. Give Hot Pilates a try, and make sure that you keep up your regular Bikram Yoga practice too. Summer is right around the corner, and Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas is the place to get ready for it!




Studio Manager / Hot Pilates Director

Sherrie Pacheco had danced her whole life, participating in dance groups and classes clear through high school. She instinctively knew that staying fit was essential to staying healthy and happy, so when she graduated from high school, she knew she needed something to take the place of dancing.

Her father had a gym membership and encouraged Sherrie to start attending. She did and was thrilled to discover a new way to stay in shape. However, she never imagined the direction her life would take. A self-described shy, bashful person, Sherrie found herself one day up front, teaching a prenatal aerobics class.

"I was honestly surprised to find myself up there," she recalls. "I never thought I was capable of something like that. But I discovered I really enjoyed teaching, so I decided that was the way I was going to continue dancing and staying fit. And that's what has kept me healthy, happy, and strong, through good times and bad times."

For the past 25 years, Sherrie has taught group fitness, step, muscle, cycling, and senior classes at recreation centers throughout the valley. Along the way, she became a NASM-certified personal trainer and managed different fitness studios and centers. She has been the studio manager at Bikram Yoga at Thanksgiving Point since it opened in August 2012, and her newest fitness adventure starts this month as the director of the studio's Hot Pilates program. (To find out more about this new Bikram Yoga program, read below.)

"The new Hot Pilates program blends the best of two worlds," says Sherrie. "The two are such a perfect match. There's music and tempo and more movement than with Bikram Yoga, but there's still the heat and low impact and physical benefits. It's another way for our Bikram Yoga students to enjoy being fit. It's right up my alley, and I've loved the opportunity to become certified and be involved."

As manager of Bikram Yoga, Sherrie has been an integral part of creating the distinctive community that has been a hallmark of the studio since the beginning. "I've known Joanne for 12 years," she notes, "and when she was looking for someone to manage the studio, I knew what kind of an atmosphere she was going to create, and I wanted to be part of that."

In addition to her passion for fitness, Sherrie has a talent for remembering names and connecting with people. "Joanne and I share the same philosophy about people; we genuinely care about others and want to do all we can to help people be happy. Fitness fits so well with that, because being fit increases our quality of life. When we take care of ourselves and our bodies, it makes everything else that we're trying to do that much easier."

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 7.44.51 PM.png

What's Hot about Hot Pilates? 

Developed by Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness. Those who regularly practice Pilates report becoming stronger, leaner, and more flexible. They also often lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, and they simply feel better.

Sound familiar? These benefits are similar to those yogis enjoy from regular practice--with a few important differences.

"I've always felt like Bikram Yoga provided everything I needed," observes Joanne, "but when I honestly looked at it, I had to admit there may have been a few gaps. A little extra weight resistance, and more intense cardiovascular and upper body strength training, might be a beneficial addition to regular Bikram Yoga practice.

"So we searched high and low for options that could complement and complete our students' fitness goals," continues Joanne, who first heard about Hot Pilates several months ago. She carefully researched this cutting-edge fitness option, even traveling to Las Vegas for a weekend full of Hot Pilates. "I took four classes in 30 hours and about killed myself," she recalls, "but I came back convinced that this was a perfect fit for our studio."

Joanne is committed to offering a Hot Pilates program that honors everything that Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas stands for. "We've created a serene, quiet atmosphere here," she observes. "This is safe place for our yogis to come. While we liked the idea of providing another fitness choice, we knew we had to maintain what we'd worked so hard to create."

Before officially announcing the Hot Pilates program, Joanne held test classes. Led by studio manager Sherrie Pacheco, who had attended a four-day training and earned her Hot Pilates certification, the classes helped define key components of the new program, including music and temperature settings. (The studio will be heated at 100 to 105 degrees at 40 percent humidity.)

"Our Bikram Yoga family knows Sherrie," Joanne notes, "but they may not realize how passionate she is about physical training and group fitness. She's had extensive experience with a wide range of students, and she completely understands our philosophy here at Brick Canvas; she's helped create it. As the director, she will be an incredible benefit to our students."

The studio's official Hot Pilates schedule will begin on April 11; in the meantime, classes will be held at various times throughout the day, with four kick-off classes being held this Friday (March 4) and Saturday (March 5), taught by Marie Acain, Bikram Yoga and Hot Pilates instructor.

"Marie will be a guest teacher at our Bikram Yoga class on Thursday night," Joanne explains, "and then she'll be teaching two Hot Pilates classes each on Friday and Saturday. It's a great opportunity for our students to see if this is something they'd like to add to their fitness routine." Space is limited, so call or sign up at the front desk, then watch for an email sent out on March 6 with the new Hot Pilates schedule.

"I'm thrilled that we're offering Hot Pilates," says Joanne. "We've found something that does tremendous things for the body, something that tones and sculpts the muscles and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Plus it allows us to make the most of our amazing hot room and complements what we already offer. With Hot Pilates, our Bikram Yoga family can find everything they're looking for under one roof."