October 2017

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Yes, you can attend RYA Classes

Can you believe it? We’ve reached the halfway mark in our RYA training. Please don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. RYA classes are open to all, which means you can learn alongside our trainees and experience the special atmosphere for yourself. I hope, like me, you find it to be a wonderful reminder of just how therapeutic this sequence of yoga truly is.

Did you know nine of the 26 trainees are from our very own Bikram Yoga studio? I can’t help but beam with pride as I watch these driven individuals pushing themselves as they follow their dreams.

As for the remaining 17 trainees? Well, they come to us from around globe, including Chile, Germany, Switzerland, London, Australia, New Zealand, and several US states. Here’s a secret: I wasn’t sure what to expect having our studio members training with so many new faces. The best way I can describe it is to compare it to having more than one child. If you’ve had the opportunity to be a parent, you know it’s impossible to imagine loving a second child as much as you do the first, but the heart effortlessly welcomes the second child with the same absolute love and joy. I’ve had a similar reaction to our new friends. Immediately, I’ve discovered there’s room in my heart for every single one of these trainees, whether we’ve just met or we’ve known each other for years. The pride I feel for each of them is tremendous. They are so strong and beautiful and brave and determined.

Like our trainees, you make me proud. Our guests have had nothing but wonderful things to say about our studio and the community we have here. That has so much to do with you and the environment your loving hearts create. Thank you for all of your genuine support these past weeks. I know this experience has meant a slight shift in the way we do things around here, and you’ve embraced that and our new friends with open arms. Of course, I expect nothing less from you—it’s just how our awesome Bikram Yoga family is.

Our normal class schedule returns on Monday, Oct. 30, at which time our nine Bikram Yoga trainees will be teaching their first classes right here in our studio. Be on the lookout for their first classes to hit the schedule soon. Taking someone’s very first class is such a fun experience, and I know they’d love having you in attendance, cheering them as we all continue to grow together.



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Our very own RYA trainees!  

Jeffrey, Angela, Ashley, Amanda, Audra, Amy, Shelli, Martie and Seth 

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All 26 RYA trainees!