A dancer with the Utah Regional Ballet, Rebecca was devastated when a hip injury forced her to quit; a diagnosis of arthritis was added to her list of medical problems. “I had been dancing five hours a day for years,” she says. “It was hard to just stop, but I couldn’t sleep or sit down, my hips hurt so badly. Because of the heat, though, which softens muscles and tissues, I could do Bikram Yoga. So that’s what I did.”

The pain decreased significantly, and Rebecca changed her life plans from performer to instructor; she’s also interested in the competition aspect (yoga may be an Olympic sport in the coming years) as well as the possibilities of physical therapy.

“The wonderful thing about yoga is that as you start to explore your own body and learn to concentrate and begin to understand the power they have, the benefits are so much greater than just physical fitness. That part happens too, but there’s so much more—I love seeing that sparkle in students when they begin to understand what they are capable of.”