On April 1, Rena Doman greeted her Hot Pilates students as they walked in class with the news that they were going to use balloons as weights that day. And it was no April Fool's joke! Students grabbed balloons and started class. "I think they thought it might be an easy workout, but it wasn't--they still worked hard," Rena says.

Rena believes that having fun is an important part of being physically fit, and she enjoys a wide variety of different sports. She does cross fit, martial arts, kickboxing, weightlifting, rock climbing, and paddleboarding. "I'm an outside person, so when it's warm, I'm outside moving and working out," she says. Even when it's warm, however, Rena does Bikram Yoga-and now Pilates.

"I do Bikram Yoga for therapy," explains Rena, who is married and has three children. "Cross fit is intense and loud; the hot room is a place I can go to find balance." She enjoys similar benefits with Hot Pilates, although that option also includes music and laughter, along with an emphasis on cardiovascular and strength training. "What I try to bring to my classes is the idea that we're strong and that we're here to have fun."