Sherrie and Joanne  The Dynamic Duo.

Sherrie and Joanne

The Dynamic Duo.

September = Celebration

Can I get a high five? How about five stars? I know! Let’s go with five candles.

Our Bikram Yoga studio turns five this month and we’ve got some serious celebrating to do! 

As I think about how far we’ve come since we opened five years ago, I see many similarities between you and our studio. Just as you put great time, attention, and dedication into living a balanced, healthy life, we’ve all put time, attention, and dedication into making our business a healthy, thriving one. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to suggest reaching the five-year mark has us on easy street. I still check our business bank account every single day to make sure we’re okay. But, I’m so proud of how far we’ve come together to make Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas an amazing five-year-old. 

Of course, as you know, our studio is so much more than just a business. It’s a community. It’s a feeling. It’s a foundation and a source of strength. It is all of these things because of you, the loyal, strong, loving people who make this our home. I can’t wait to celebrate our special five-year anniversary with you and toast all we’ve accomplished together at this year’s Five Year Fiesta. Mark your calendars!

Five Year Fiesta

When: Saturday, Sept. 16 @ 6 PM

What: Complimentary street tacos, live music, and the chance to spend time together, fully clothed and dry for a change. ;) This is also our chance to officially welcome our Raja Yoga Academy (RYA) friends to our home and help them kick off their 26 & 2 teacher training (Bikram Yoga teacher training).

We just adore this Friday Night Fiesta tradition (even if it is on a Saturday this year). I hope you can make it and be a part of the fun.

Welcome, RYA!

Hosting the RYA team (staff, instructors, and trainees) offers us a wonderful and unique opportunity—the opportunity to be inspired, learn, and even gain a greater understanding of what goes into becoming a certified Bikram Yoga teacher. (It’s not for the faint of heart!) This is also a chance for our studio to be put on the map while you get a front row seat to the training at no additional cost. You’ll learn from some of the world’s best right here in our backyard. If you prefer to sit this one out but still want to keep up on your fitness, that’s okay too. We’ll have Bikram Yoga and Hot Pilates classes on the schedule that aren’t a part of the RYA event. Partake or avoid. It’s totally up to you. Either way, you’ll want to check out our special schedule to get an idea of what to expect over the next six weeks. (see schedule below)

New Goods!

Guess what?! We’re bringing in new merchandise this month. You’ll want to keep an eye out so you can get first dibs on the fun new goodies coming your way soon.

Go Team!

It looks like I should add pom poms to that ‘new goodies’ order. Some of our very own Bikram Yoga students are participating in the 26 & 2 training event. Seek them out and give them extra special encouragement. Cheer them on. Watch them teach their first classes and grow with them as they embark on this adventure. Your support will mean the world to them.

  • Amanda Bergstrom
  • Ashley Bohne
  • Jeffrey Donovan
  • Martie Lelegren
  • Amy Shawgo
  • Seth Valentine
  • Angela Wilson
  • Audra Williamson

Happy birthday, Sherrie!

Our sweet Hot Pilates powerhouse, Sherrie, turns 50 on Sept. 11—yet another reason September = celebration! All classes will be just $5 that day, making it a great time to come in and give Sherrie a giant birthday squeeze.

Avoid the September Slip!

While there is much to celebrate this month, September can also introduce added stress. New schedules and routines often require an adjustment period. During such a transition, it’s easy to put ourselves at the bottom of every list, but it’s better for all involved if we keep up with our self care. Do your best to avoid a September slip by coming to class one to three times a week between now and the holidays. You’ll be glad you did.

Wow! Isn’t this a great list? From birthday parties and tacos to new friends and new accomplishments, there is so much to appreciate. You bet you’re on that list of reasons to celebrate. None of this would be possible without you!