Dedicated to health and fitness, Sherrie is a certified personal trainer and has taught aerobic, kickboxing, and other fitness classes for more than 20 years. About seven years ago, she added Bikram Yoga to her fitness regimen, attending classes a couple times a week, and when she was invited to become the manager at Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas, she knew it was the right move.

“I love people and I love sharing my passion for fitness and the quality of life you enjoy when you’re fit,” she explains. “I’m also great with names and faces, so being the first person to greet our students, answering questions, interacting with them and helping them not feel intimidated is just the natural place for me to be.”

Very happily married to her best friend and a mother of four with a new grandchild, Sherrie says she loves the warm, welcoming community at Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas and does everything she can to encourage it. “You feel safe and happy at the studio; there’s just a noncompetitive feeling of everyone supporting each other. When new students walk in, the immediately feel like they have friends there, and we love to see everyone succeed.”